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Reiki and the Unified Field

Reiki has many benefits, as you may well know, but bringing all those together helps with one main thing. Reiki is a tool to assist us in connecting with the Unified Field where all possibilities exist. Where health is, where we can find peace, Love, and abundance in all areas of our life, and where we can heal from our past and create our future. Reiki is the answer to many of our questions.    Your first question may be what is the unified field? And that is a great question. Over the years this field has been called many things, but science has now come to an agreement on the one-word well two words, Unified Field. And yes science, Science has come to prove the reality of energy healing. It has also come to be proved that you do not need anyone but yourself to do it. The thing you may need to start with is a teacher/consultant to help with the tools and techniques that assis t in getting you to a point where you have the information and confidence to heal yourself.    Reiki is
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How I see vibrations of energy

    This is how Energy works, It is sometimes in its Own Time.               I actually wrote this article in 2018 Its time has come.    Explaining how energy works, universal energy is probably one of the most difficult things I do. And it is not that the concept of energy is difficult but the process of this glorious power that we have at our disposal is so marvelous. That putting it into mere mortal words takes so much away from it. You see energy is best felt than explained. And we as humans have been programmed by generations to have it conceivable by the mind. Universal energy though is processed through the heart. The heart is a marvelous organ that pumps our life fluid through the body we possess. But it is so much more than that. Thanks to science, they have found the secret to the heart. That the heart processes information just like the brain, in fact, the heart has some of the same types of cells and neurons. I am no scientist, so I am not going to try to explain this p

Voices in my Head

  Voices in my head. I often get the question, Have you always been a medium? Psychic? The answer is I don’t know. Because I have always had this conversation going on. I just thought it was my imagination I guess. I thought everyone had this constant dialogue with what I thought was those two little men sitting on each shoulder. Like in the old cartoons…..   If you see me talking to myself, I’m not. As I got older, I tended to use them to make decisions, not that I listened very well in my teenage years. But I can remember sitting and listening to the back and forth discussion about the pros and cons of situations. I always felt like I was a little girl sitting at her grandfather’s feet while he bantered with his old friends. Sitting on a long white porch with the breeze through my hair smelling the grass, water and flowers. You mean everyone does not hear this conversation? Life has had some very hard events for me. I wonder if I had learned to trust the voices how would my lif

Hand positions and using Reiki to help your Pet

  Holding the energy for your pet. One of the toughest things to do is to not get upset when your baby is upset. When they are anxious and pacing, barking uncontrollably, hiding or chewing your favorite pillow. But you must maintain a calm energy. In order to help your pet you must first relax your energy. Because as you know animals are extremely sensitive to energy. That is why they know there is a thunderstorm coming way before you hear that first rumble. So before you attempt to calm them you need to start the Reiki on yourself.   Take a few deep breaths and go to your “happy Place”. Feel the white light enter your body and start to radiate out. Take a full five - ten minutes if need be. You may even find your fur bay comes and sits by you. Then you can begin the Reiki on them. And like your human hand positions you start with the head and move down to neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Then of course the belly 😊 Make sure you cover the areas of the kidneys, liver and stomac

Does Energy Work Heal your Pets?

  Does Energy Work Heal your Pets?   First of all, it is a Big Yes. A Yes that you can use energy work on your pets and they respond so well. They Love it. And it helps you out at the same time.   Reiki has been a wonderful tool for both myself my fur babies. I use it as they mature in age and even have attuned my older dogs so they can actually use the energy when I’m not around. It calms them. It helps with anxiety & stress, those fireworks during the summer, separation anxiety, pain, dementia, and other issues that your fur babies deal with. Reiki is so easy too, all you need is Level one , a simple online class and you are able to help your babies yourself. There is no need to bring them to someone else. And the stress of a stranger working on them is one less obstacle that they have to overcome.   Other forms of energy work are IET and meditation. Yes, meditation for your animals is great and Yes, it starts with you. There is a technique to doing meditation with your

The Proof is in the Pudding

When I first began using Reiki just over 20 years ago, I had my doubts. Even as I was using it and seeing the results I was not convinced. Through the years I had trouble talking about Reiki as I felt like people would not believe me or argue with me about it. I was never one to debate things. But as I have grown in my wisdom of all things Energy, Universal Energy as I like to call it. I have grown in my ability to share and discuss the stories, results and facts of Reiki and all energy healing modalities. What I am most excited about now is the information that is coming out from science on the ability for us to heal ourselves, just by raising our own energy levels. By changing our brainwaves and allowing our heart and our brain to become coherent, and therefore change our biology. When we change our biology, we heal. There is so much information and scientific research on this that it has become my focus in helping people. I have always known that energy and vibrations wor

What is the Unified Field?

In my last letter, I explained that Reiki was a tool to help access the unified field, but I did not go into depth as to what it was. Now you can “google” it and get all the info you want and more. It can get confusing so what I would like to do is explain in my mind after the experiences I have had what it is to me and how I see it as a spiritual teacher and a lover of quantum physics. For years I have had a difficult time explaining how all this energy stuff works. I just know it works. I have proven it to myself over and over for so many things in my life. People have even asked me how I went from having trouble keeping the lights on to the other end of the spectrum of not worrying about the lights. It is a process and it is a matter of faith. Faith in this Unified field, Faith in the whole concept of how everything works together and how it is all intertwined. But I don’t want to get off track, I will go into the how’s later, for now, what is this Unified Field? The unifi